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New approaches for a changing landscape

Marketing continues to expand, overlapping with technology, becoming more data driven and competitive. Marketers must evolve with it, becoming learning organizations, transforming into Agile organizations and adopting modern marketing management practices that enable Organizational Agility.  This blog documents my observations and experiences as I explore this ever- changing space.

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How Agile supports diversity

This weekend, I watched the movie Just Mercy, the powerful story of young defense attorney and co-founder of the Equal Justice Initiative...

Unlearning deep patterns

Imagine that you spend your entire life perfecting your golf swing. You have spent hours on the golf course practicing your technique,...

Starting with the start in mind

Often times, we start with the end in mind. By doing so, we either rely on what has always been done or close off possibilities

Pivoting without change fatigue

This week, we did a major, last-minute pivot on a campaign. It didn't feel great for anyone involved.

The power of visualization

Every year, we host powerful gathering of our practitioners filled with energy, learning, along with making friends, old and new. People co

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