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Agile thinker, Agile life

Even before I knew what capital A Agile meant, I was living a life filled with agile thinking.  

An upbringing filled with challenges and opportunities, pressed me to make on-the-fly pivot or persevere decisions, whether it was to spend three months on my own in Japan as a sixteen year old or to self-fund a private university education.  I learned how to choose a direction in the midst of certainty, keeping enough options open to adjust as new information emerged - my Agile life.  

The menagerie of people and places I've encountered along the way, including time spent living on the Navajo Indian Reservation, exposure to management gurus, and work with homeless populations, expand my empathy base and inspire new ways of thinking.  

As I lifelong marketer, I enjoy seeing the discipline evolve, and am currently innovating around Agile marketing, modern marketing management and business agility.

 I live in Boulder, Colorado with my husband, chickens, gardens and dogs.  

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